End of 5th Grade

Wow, I cannot believe it, we only have 17 more school days until we are officially on Summer break! It always seems like the school year flies. One thing I like about being a homeschooling family, is that we have so much freedom, and we can make everyday living a part of schooling. This year our daughter started too cook, she started to learn about green living, and she’s working on a garden with her dad. So even though the school calendar year is over, our daughter will still be learning.

That’s a great part about home schooling, we can sneak in schooling everyday, and since it’s fun, our children have no clue that it’s school. Where as if she was going to public school her brain would be on standstill until the following school year.

This homeschooling journey has not been an easy one, but I don’t regret for one minute that we as a family decided to go this route.

Homeschooling families are sometimes looked down upon, we are often judged, and people like to talk about how we are hurting our child, and we are not giving them the social skills they need to advance in the world.

I have looked at this in a few different ways, now days in the public schools, the social skills our children are learning are skills I want my daughter to have no part of, the skill to hate, bully and judge.

For homeschooling, my daughter has very good social skills, and she is extremely advanced for her age. I get many praises from people about how smart and loving my daughter is.

Here is an example of how loving and caring my daughter is…

Recently, she has a friend that was being bullied at school. This friend didn’t want to go to school because of it, and she was having bad anxiety attacks, my daughter sat with her friend, and I tried to get her to come home a few different times, and she refused. Once she came home, I asked her if she had fun, she said not really. I asked what her and her friend talked about, she said nothing really.

Her friend cried most the time, and I asked her, well why didn’t you stay. Her response to me was “Because she needed me mom, so I was there to support her, and to let her know it was going to be okay”

So even though my daughter was bored out of her mind, and her friend was upset and not talking, my daughter stayed to support her friend!


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