What To Do When Your Home Has A Waterfall On The Side


While waterfalls are often beautiful, a waterfall from the side of your home isn’t a very pretty site. A few years back my parents arrived home to a busted water pipe. With having a two story home, the top half in which they live in, the water was pouring down the side of the siding. My mom’s first reaction was to shut the water OFF, her second move was calling the plumbers.

While to this day it’s a story they can laugh about, at the time it wasn’t a very funny story.

When you live in areas of the world that get a bit colder, you need to have a way to keep your pipes from freezing. If you don’t then chances are you will have frozen pipes. If the water doesn’t have an escape once it thaws out, this will cause the pipes to burst!

Once the water was off, the plumber was called, my parents slowly made there way inside. They discovered the pipe wasn’t busted in just one spot, it was busted in a few different spots!

My parents have a seven bedroom, three bathroom home. Four bedrooms are on the top floor, and three bedrooms are on the bottom floor. So when they went into the home they new most of the damage would be on the lower floor. They were correct, several walls were damaged, the carpet was soaked, and the floors were a mess.

While my parents caught the leak fast, it wasn’t fast enough. All the carpet had to be pulled out, two walls needed to be replaced, and a ton of things needed thrown away.

When they contacted their insurance company to see what they would cover, they were left in the dark. The insurance company refused to help them, so this was a very expensive lesson.

My parents can joke about the mess now, but when it accord they were not happy at all!

If you are in the Northern part of the world be sure you have the pipes wrapped, or if it gets below 32 degrees you have the water dripping, or you to may come home to a waterfall down the side of your home.

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