Taco Pie Via Pinterest

As I said not long ago, I was going to go ahead, and do some posts about what I have found on pinterest, my experience with making it, and whether or not my family liked it.

Last night for dinner we went with the Taco Pie that I first discovered on pinterest.

Does that not look so tasty!

We were wanting something quick and easy and this looked like it would do the job, and since we all love Mexican foods we had a feeling this was going to be a hit!

We made the guacamole sauce fresh instead of purchasing from the store. We then followed the recipe, and within about 30 minutes including cooking the chicken dinner was complete!

easy dinner taco pie

We did forget to drain the chilis, so we did have a little liquid in the mix, over all though this was so yummy, and so filling we will be having it again!

While it didn’t look as pretty as the image from pinterest, it was still ever so good.

So this was one of those recipes we will be keeping around, and we will be making again in the future. If you to would like to make this delicious taco pie you can head over to HERE and get the recipe!


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