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Almost everything I do in the kitchen, comes from Pinterest! I have made it a habit to do a large part of my monthly meal planning based off meals I have seen on pinterest. Each month I will start a new pinterest board, and I will go through and pin things that look ever so yummy, and things I think my family would enjoy.

With eating healthier, it has been a challenge for me, to cook meals that are rich in flavor, and low in calories. What makes things even more difficult, is I am a sweets lover.

My main downfall is chocolate! So when I see a “healthy” dessert on pinterest, I of course have to check it out. I mean what type of mom and wife would I be if I deprived my family of sweets as well!

When I found the Peanut Butter Yogurt Pie on pinterest I knew I was going to be making that for dessert that night!

One thing I like about this dessert is I can have a piece and not feel guilty afterwards. Now if I don’t stop at one piece then yes I can feel guilty! I also like that you only need four ingredients if you add the peanut butter cups, if you opt to leave them off, then it will only be three ingredients, so not only is it simply it’s rather a cheap dessert to make.

healthy peanut butter pie

What did my family think about the Peanut Butter Yogurt Pie? YUMMY. I wish I would have waited until it was frozen, but I just couldn’t take it anymore!

Will I be making it again? YES

Want the recipe? Head on over to Little Bitty Bakes and get it then :p

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