Get Those Easter Baskets Ready!

Here comes peter cottontail, hopping down the bunny trail! Hip-pity hop hop, look at peter go! Can you believe Easter is Sunday, and April is almost here! Where has 2013 gone!!!

As my to-do list grows it seems like I never have a break! While we were in Wal-Mart this evening I noticed the shelves for Easter supplies are getting pretty low, while Easter is just around the counter there is still time! How many of you purchase the pre-made baskets? I prefer to make my own up, this way I know I am getting my monies worth.

I normally stick with themes, this year we are only going to get our daughter a monster high doll and call it good.

When she was younger we would do themes such as spongebob, dora, crayola, and so forth. I always loved shopping for her Easter basket goodies. With only having one child it was so easy to over spend on baskets.

I remember with my daughter was about 2 and her basket was filled with spongebob products, once she seen it she kept saying pongebob, it was so adorable. I miss my baby being a baby. ๐Ÿ™

Now that she is older and she don’t believe, we don’t have to go all out. She is happy with a new Monster High Doll and a small bit of chocolates.

What are y’alls plans for Easter? We are going to a friends house to have an Easter Egg hunt!


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