Do You Have A FishyPic

My husband loves to fish, with the weather warming up, I am sure he will be at the lake or river most of the summer. Yesterday we went to the river, and while we didn’t get to get any fishypic we did get to get some beautiful pictures of the river and the sun setting and we had a blast with some friends.

sunset river

I always love seeing fish pictures, I have noticed the guys around here though like to hold the fish a certain way to make the fish look bigger than it truly is. My husband has a friend that is good at that one! We like to not only get pictures of my husband and daughter with their fishes, we also like to have them held up to the tape measure so you can actually see the size of the fish.

They haven’t caught to many trophy size fish, but they have caught some close to it. My husband is working on his trophy bass, and he says once he gets it, he will be having a taxidermy¬† mount it for him, so we can hang it on the wall.

I am not much for fishing but I love going out by the lake or river, it is always so peaceful.

Have you caught a trophy fish? How many fishypic’s do you have?

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