Tackling Pinterest

With loving pinterest, and doing all my meal planning based on pinterest. I have decided I am going to do a new post whenever I try a new recipe via pinterest. Since I have started using pinterest to plan our meals, we have found many recipes we love, and some that didn’t turn out quite so well.

I have learned so much while using pinterest, and I have learned how to make some yummy but healthy sweet treats. We all get a sweet tooth every so often, but now instead of reaching for a bowl of ice cream, we reach for some hummus cookies. You may think yuck, but these are so yummy!

Another recipe I found on pinterest that’s a family favorite is the turkey black bean burgers! These are so delicious!

I will be making out March’s meal plan soon. So keep an eye out for some recipes. I will let you know if we give them a thumbs up or a thumbs down!



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