Monday Blues

As I sit here looking at the Calendar I see we are already almost done with February, it seems like 2013 only just begun yet it’s going pretty fast. Sometimes I just wish time would slow down a bit so I could enjoy life more with my family.

I wake up do what I need to do on the computer, and by the time I am remotely done, the day is almost over.

Mondays to many mean a new start of the school week or work week. With being homeschoolers and with working from the home Mondays are nothing but another day to us, however, I sit here with the Monday Blues.

I guess you can say it’s because Monday is when I get the majority of the work done that I put off during the weekend. Working from home can sometimes be more stressful than working at an office.

How many of you often get Monday Blues? What are some things you do to help? I do something I shouldn’t and I usually end up over on pinterest, to look at all the neat things I would love to one day try.

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