What I Want For 2013

I know I have not been the best at blogging over here and for that I am sorry. I get so wrapped up in everything else I do I sometimes forget about Dizzy Mommy Chronicles. Running to blogs, homeschooling, entering giveaways, plus trying to find time for family can be tough.

What I would love to happen in 2013 is put more crafting/homeschooling articles on Dizzy Mommy Chronicles.

Maybe even some recipes.

I have even thought about going a small section for my daughter and having her attempt to blog about once a week as part of her schooling.

While 2013 has only just started I have a lot in mind for the new year.

A makeover is also possibly in the work.

So to start the year off this plans and goals for 2013 on Dizzy Mommy Chronicles are…


Blog more often on topics such as homeschooling and crafts

Attempt to get my daughter blogging on Dizzy Mommy Chronicles

Add some recipes maybe a weekly recipe

Clean up the site

And finally … Work on making Dizzy Mommy Chronicles more popular with Google ๐Ÿ™‚


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