Video Chat Light Got You Down

With being 800 miles from my family we tend to take to video chatting. The other day when my daughter was chatting with my nieces via skype, my nieces kept telling my daughter they couldn’t see her. She too was having an issue seeing them, however, she didn’t say anything, she was more wanting the voice.

With video chatting becoming more and more popular having good lighting is a must! With people of all ages taking to video chat to keep in contact with family members from all over the world, being in a dim room can ruin the quality of the chat. I would rather focus my time on catching up verses trying to make out the image on my computer. Thankfully, they have products out there that will help improve the lighting so you don’t have to chat during daylight hours in the front yard!

Products such as video chat light can help brighten you up! You can then chat with your loved ones, and not look like you’re in the dark.

How many of you use your computer or iPad to chat with loved ones via a webcam?

If you do use webcams as a way to communicate with those family members out of state, you know what I am talking about when I say… having good lighting is a must!


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  1. This looks really helpful! I use skype a lot to stay in touch with far off family, and getting decent lighting can be difficult.

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