American Idol Season 12

I never really heard of Nicki Manij until American Idol 12. My daughter was super excited when she heard Nicki was going to be a judge. I had to watch to see who this girl was, and I have to say I am pretty disgusted with the fact American Idol has hired Nicki to be a judge. She has no class, and to be honest she is a bit trashy.

Watching the way she is at the table and some of the things she says to the guys makes me sick. What really pissed me off was the remarks she made to the girl with the last name “Bush”. If you missed that part you didn’t miss much.

I know several people have stated they will not be watching this season, and I think it’s sad because there’s so much talent on the show. I will be watching every week to show my support to the young talent. I heard there is a girl on there that is from my home town, and rumor has it she makes it to the top 20! Would be awesome to have an American Idol from my home town. While I am not still living there my family is, so it would be awesome.

If you didn’t watch American Idol last night I do encourage you to watch this performance by Lazaro Arbos. He was absolutely amazing!

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