All The Old Faces Coming Back To General Hospital

Over the past few years the Soap Opera industry has taken a nose dive. We went from having several different soaps on several networks. However, the price to produce the soaps has gone up, and the number of us watching the soaps has fallen. This is due to those stay at home moms having to get jobs to help the family.

The networks decided it would be best to cancel our soaps, and replace them with shows that would be cheaper to produce. This lead to a lot of pissed off fans. Which called for a boycott of any product that was aired during the times our soaps were to be aired.

This later lead to an online company deciding to pick up the two ABC soaps, and for General Hospitals ratings to go through the roof! This has lead to General Hospital being save from being canned for the time being.

Many new and old faces have been coming to Port Charles, I loved that they did bring over some of the One Life to Live stars. I am a fan of both Starr and Todd.

In the next few months we will be seeing a lot of the older General Hospital actors/actresses and I cannot wait. I am extremely excited to see Laura brought back, and I am curious if this time they will keep her in shadybrook, or if she will actually be interacting with her friends and family. I hate seeing Laura the way they have been showing her.

Bring her back!

Are you glad to see All My Children and One Life to Live make a come back?

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