Summer Camp

When I was younger every summer we went off to camp. Summer camp was only two weeks long, but it was always the best two weeks of summer. From the time we got there until the time we left we were always doing something. Whether is be in the arts and craft building polishing rocks, making friendship bracelets, or down by the lake having a camp fire and singing the peanut butter and jelly song.

I remember having to get up first thing in the morning shower and then march to the cafeteria for breakfast. Me on the other hand before I hit the showers, I ran down to the lake to do some polar bearing with a few other of my camp buddies. I actually got the polar bear certificate, because every morning I hit the cold great lakes. Looking back at it now, that was plan crazy, but I was a kid and kids do those crazy things.

When it comes to sending your kids off to camp, it’s important that you know where you’re sending them. Tips On Trips And Camps will help you a long the way. Allowing your children to have this type of experience is a good thing. It is something they will remember as they get older.

We went to Summer Camp with the big brothers and big sisters program and I am so glad my mom let us go. After we no longer were in the program we still managed to weasel our way to the camp grounds either with our mom, or with other family members. Now days camping is a blessing it gets kids away from the fast pace of life and all the electronics and puts them in the wilderness to experience nature first hand.

Did you ever go to a summer camp when you were younger? What about now do you love camping to just unwind?

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