Security Cameras Come in Handy

There has been some issues around here lately, my husband and I have 3 security cameras in place. Two I received for review, and the one I won. I have to say I love all three, the one actually records and uploads to a cloud server, this allowing me to check the feed while I am away or if I have been sleeping.

The other two I have set up to email me when it detects motion. I went outside this morning and noticed someone had been in my yard, because a few things are missing. With the drama going on I knew who it was and why they took the items. HOWEVER, they have been informed by the police they CANNOT come in this yard without permission, and we have no trespassing signs in our yard.

old bitchThis lady thinks she is above the law, she thinks she has say over everyone and everything. She found out the hard way she doesn’t have say over everything, and if she comes in my yard again she will find out the hard way she isn’t above the law.

This is the reason to have security cameras, I want to get about 3 more of them, so I can have one in the window of my daughters room, one in the hallway, and one in the kitchen window. If you see this lady proceed with caution. You have been warned!

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