Remodeling The Guest Bathroom

We have lived in our currently location off and on for about 11 years. We have two bathrooms, one in our bedroom and one for guests. Or what we would like to say our daughter’s bathroom. This bathroom has a place for a bathtub/shower; however, we never felt the need to have one installed because our daughter used our shower in the master bedroom.

It wasn’t until recently, we decided it was time we see about remodeling the guest bathroom. I guess it had to do with having a family member move in, and I don’t want to share my shower.

I have been looking at different lighting to go in the guest bathroom I want lighting that will set off the shower. We are in the process of installing a tile shower. The bathroom isn’t a very big one so we thought a shower would be best.

When it comes to remodeling there’s so many things to take into factor.

How many of you turn to the internet when it comes time to remodel to get an idea of designs and cost?

The internet is my main go to place for any advice and ideas.

Now it is a matter of putting all those ideas into works and getting that guest bathroom remodeled!

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