Purchasing A Domain Name

When I first started my blogs I was up in the air on domain names. I knew I needed one, and a free one wasn’t an option for me. I wanted to be known by name, not that one blog on wordpress.com. Over the years the price of domains have went up pretty high. I remember when you could get one for about $5, now I am paying double and triple that a year.

However, with a little searching you can find codes for cheap domains. Such as the 1and1 coupon I found which will let you register a com/org domain for as little as $1.99.

affordable domainsWhen I purchased my domain I was just starting out so I was pretty clueless, but when my husband got his we used a 1and1 promo code so that we were not breaking the bank if he decided he would prefer a different domain. My husband has personally owned about 4 different names. After he hits the button to make the purchase he thinks of another name he likes better.

With having to pay $15 each year to renew my domain, no way will I let him purchase through a more expensive place.

Like I said though, if I was smart I would have used a 1and1 coupon code so I could save myself some money each year. Lesson learned!

When you make those online purchases do you check to see if you can get a deal whether it be with promo codes, or special online coupons?

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