I am so sick and tired of people stating products received are free… I have heard this many times, and I am getting sick of it. The other day a PR firm informed me people will do whatever they have to, to get that free item. This came from me informing her I don’t like the idea of making three mandatory tasks. When I enter giveaways if there are a lot of hoops I pass. With most that enter already hitting their limits on facebook and twitter making the mandatory involving those make people back away.

This evening as I was on facebook I happen to run across this comment a blogger posts..

Really, you are going to complain about the way you have to enter a FREE giveaway! OMG, please relax and say thank you…These events are not easy to get together…many bloggers work day and night to put some of these together for no pay at all…Sorry everyone but a complainer never gets anywhere in life…END RANT

Now let me say this… I often see bloggers bitch about people saying they get nothing for free they work for it, and the product is their payment… What I want to know is why do bloggers feel the work they do is worth the product… However, when it comes to those entering the work and time put into it is not?

Just because those entering did not put up a review, they still worked to get their entries in… such as going to the sponsors site, looking around the site at all the great products, then leaving a comment. Those who want more entries do things such as liking on facebook, tweeting daily, and other things to give that blogger the numbers they need to get even better products to review.

Bloggers you need to keep in mind that those entering your giveaways are putting in just as much work entering as you did to get that review up… So before any of you bloggers state those entering giveaways are getting FREE products, you might want to step back and rethink your words… You don’t like people stating YOU get product for FREE because you DON’T you work for it, same goes for those who are entering YOUR giveaways…

With that being said there is no need for anyone entering to complain about how you have to enter, if you are a sweeper and you don’t like they way you need to enter close it out and move on. Maybe remove the bloggers asking an arm and a leg for you to enter from your social media platforms.

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