Monster High Costumes

We went to Walmart last night and they had a display where the Monster High Costumes once were. It looks as though every little girl in the county will be going as those Monster High girls. Last year my daughter went as lagoona blue. This year they have more costumes, and Monster High has become a bit more popular.

I can say this much at least when we go to the store we have a selection of Monster High dolls now. Before as soon as they hit the shelves they were sold and on ebay with jacked up prices. I remember when the $22 sweet 1600 car was on ebay for almost $80 dollars. I mean really some people are worse then the people running our oil supply and gas stations.

My daughter never got into Barbie dolls, so when the Monster High dolls came out I wasn’t sure she would actually play with them once she got them. To my surprise she places with them for hours at a time. She has roughly 22 thankfully she earned the money from Grandma and Grandpa, to purchase most of them.

I think teaching a child they have to work for things they want in life is a must!

Do you teach your children about savings, and about making money to get the things in life they want?

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