Military Diet Adventures

So my sister & I were pinning our way through Pinterest one day, and found an interesting Pin about a “Military Diet- lose 10 lbs in 3 days!” I scoffed at the thought thinking, “yeah sure, just like all the other diets claim to eat this, drink that, and lose all this weight. There is no way.” But my sister had other plans she decided that she was gonna’ give it a shot – and I was gonna’ be along for the ride!

I have to admit I was very skeptical about the whole thing – but my husband said it was done when he was  in boot camp (and of course his skinny rear got extra rations), and that it really worked. So we started Day 1 yesterday. I can tell you right now a lot of it is mind over matter! I regularly eat low calorie and healthy, but to be told what to eat when to eat it and how to eat it was a bit new to me.

This was our breakfast menu for Day 1:
1/2 Grapefruit, 1 Slice of Toast, 2 Tablespoons of Peanut Butter, and Coffee or Tea
– I can honestly say I’ve never eaten grapefruit {hangs head in shame} it just wasn’t something that was bought around our house growing up (not that I can remember anyway), or that I ever really wanted to try. I can’t say it’s my favorite fruit, but as long as it’s fresh it can have just enough sweet to taste a bit like an orange. I put all my peanut butter on my 1 piece of toast and I was full. I drank quite a bit of water, and even a 1/2 cup of coffee.

Day 1 Lunch:
1/2 Cup of Tuna, 1 Slice of Toast, and Coffee or Tea
– Now I’m not a big tuna fan. I love fish, but tuna, especially canned isn’t on my top 10 choices of meat to eat. And sure, tuna salad is one thing, but plain tuna I was a bit afraid of – so I just loaded it up with salt and pepper and spread it on my piece of toast. Surprisingly it was pretty tasty, though it’s still not on my top 10. =) Again, I continued with more water, and instead of more coffee or tea I opted for a caffeine pill.

Day 1 Dinner:
2 Slices of any type meat (About 3 ounces) 1 Cup of Green Beans, 1/2 Banana, 1 Small Apple, and 1 Cup of Vanilla Ice Cream (YUM)!!!
– By dinner I was feeling odd. I wasn’t hungry, I don’t think -but my stomach was feeling weird. Our luckiest guess is the combination of the chemicals in the food were actually boosting my metabolism – I had turkey and honey ham as my meat, I cooked my green beans with salt and pepper. YUM! Green beans never tasted soo good!
Since I got off work kinda’ late, I decided to go ahead and have my ice cream, banana & apple right after dinner. I have never savored ice cream like I did last nite, lol. When you know exactly how much food your allowed, you have a tendency to slow down and take time to enjoy each bite. I was pretty full after that, but I ate my apple and banana and was quite content.
Evenings are usually the hardest for me when it comes to eating – by nite I’m starving and all I want to do is snack. Last nite I kept myself busy packing the kids lunches, getting some laundry done and house cleaning. And boy, was I sweating like a pig! I had the windows open and fan going and I couldn’t stop the sweat! I figured this was a pretty good sign that my metabolism was boosted wayy more then every before. Weird thing is, with as little as calories as I was eating I was sure I was going to be running on empty but I had quite a high energy level.

I finally went to bed and as I was cooling off  I could feel my hunger set in. Going to sleep helped though! I woke up this morning feeling pretty good!

One thing about this diet -since they are claiming I can lose 10 lbs in 3 days,- is I am weighing myself daily. I was shocked this morning when the scale showed I am down 5 lbs from yesterday!!!! I’m not expecting the same results tomorrow morning.  I know my body was partially in shock at the foods, but I am feeling pretty good. The program calls for 3 days on this diet and then 4 days on a a regular healthy diet (I’m doing Weight Watchers starting Friday), then 3 days back on. For those of you that have a lot of weight to lose  I think this could definitely give you a running start on your weight loss goals.

I’m mid way thru Day 2 and still feeling pretty good – Again, the gallons of water I’m drinking, and keeping my mind busy is helping!

If your interested in learning more about the military diet you can find everything you need to know right here.

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  1. I was just wondering how your overall results were on the military diet? Me and some co-workers are starting on Monday. Thank you

    • Dizzy Mommy says:

      The Author of this post is no longer a part of the site. I wish I could give you an answer but I personally have not tried this diet. I can say from experience, that unless you are ready to make a lifetime change, no diet will work. Losing weight requires you to eat healthy and exercise. I wish you the best of luck.

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