Mamavation Monday: Starting AGAIN


It seems like almost weekly, I feel like I am starting over when it comes to my ‘healthy living plan.’ Some how some way, something gets in the way of me being able to  continue – and it’s my fault. I would like to be able to  blame others, point the finger “you are why I’m overweight.” But I can’t. I allow other things to take priority over healthy eating, exercising, and just living well.

I have a lot of people tell me “you have a lot on your plate – you work full-time, you have 3 kids, and (up until recently) your husband has been gone on the road, and everything is up to you.”  But the problem with that excuse is I see Mom’s with 6 kids, that work 2 jobs, and don’t have a husband at all and yet they manage to keep their home organized, their meals healthy, and make time for themselves to work out.

Even as I write this I notice something very important that the ‘others’ do that I do not. I don’t “Make Time”.  I sleep too late, I spend too much time watching T.V., reading that book – procrastinating as I look at the list of chores I need to do. And put it off until that’s all I have time for.

One of my major problems when I get started on me is that I have a problem with hitting the floor RUNNING. Not jogging, not a power walk. But I literally run, run, run – and the problem with starting off running, is you run out of steam.  So today I am making the vow to myself that I am not going to run – I’m gonna’ start off with a strong power walk – then I’m going to work myself up to a nice jog – then I’m going to run, run, run.

My Goals for the Week:

1. Getting 30 minutes of exercise per day.

2. Drinking at least 80 oz of water! I always feel better when I drink a ton of water – so I need to keep this up!!

3. Making sure to eat very healthy while at work – and eat a normal dinner at home.

4. Keep sweets/soda to minimum.
*I have done the cold turkey before – it’s not working for me. So I’m going to gradually take them out of my diet!

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  1. Krista Swan says:

    I am with you with the constant starting over – but I think this process of owning it each week will help us get there. Just think where we’d be if we didn’t start over every week?

    I cut soda cold turkey – maybe try cutting one or the other (soda OR sweets)?

    Hang in there, mama!

  2. @klwschmidt says:

    you aren’t the only one who struggles keeping with the healthy living plan!

    My strategy that has worked is to add ONE healthy habit a week.

    Example: Week 1 – no soda Week 2 – 30 mins activity daily week 3 – food journaling.

    Get the idea? It’s easier to add a habit a week than to try it all at once. Babysteps…

    You can do it!

    Have a great week and feel free to reach out to me on twitter if you need help! I may not post as much as some, but I’ve been around for years and am typically lurking!

  3. I am the same way, with starting over. I’d like to think, maybe it’s just because what we were doing just wasn’t working, and we need to find a way that does work. KWIM?

    Great goals for this week!

  4. Good luck on your goals for this week. Smart to gradually take the soda and sweets out of your diet gradually. Less likely to sabotage your diet that way.

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