Holiday Cooking With Kids

Often times us adults tend to make holiday cooking stressful. However, what we are forgetting is the holidays are about being with family and friends. Things don’t have to be perfect, so when it comes time to start that baking let the kids join in on the fun.

Family time spent in the kitchen baking will be memories that stick with your child when you’re gone. It doesn’t matter the age of the child small simple tasks will put a smile on their faces. My daughter likes cracking the eggs, getting the items needed, stirring, and licking the bowl.

I read the recipe, show her how to measure out the ingredients, and make sure everything runs smoothly. One thing you want to keep in mind when cooking with the kids, is to have fun. You might end up with a flat cake, or a burnt cookie, but the kids had a ball with you making those treats.

Plus, you are not only having fun with your child, you are also teaching them important things they will need in life as they get older. They will also appreciate the meals you sit in front of them, because they will know the work you did to make that yummy meal happen. Holiday cooking should be fun not stressful, so get those kids involved!



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  1. My youngest son is my egg cracker! For a 6 year old he is pretty darn good at it too. I am happy he shows interest, more than I can say for my wife!

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