Fast, Fun and Affordable Gifts For The Entire Family!

Buying gifts for friends and family can wreak havoc for those on a tighter budget. Deal Dash makes buying gifts easier than ever with an exciting auction experience that allows winning bidders to save big on brand new items.

As the longest running auction site of its kind in the U.S., DealDash is a fun and risk free alternative to traditional penny auction websites. The site provides a completely free registration and membership. Bids are purchased in advanced in package deals. Typical bids cost only 60 cents each, but bids are also available for as low as 15 cents during special offers.

Winning bidders can purchase the many brand new items available for prices that are unheard of anywhere else. Not only does Dealdash provide huge savings on new items, the site’s rules make DealDash risk free and fair for all bidding participants.

Why DealDash is Risk Free

1.) First time bidders who don’t win an auction can have all the bids purchased in their first pack returned in order to provide a second chance for winning big savings.

2.) Because of the Dealdash Buy It Now option, bidding is risk free losing bidders. You can purchase the item at full price and have all of your DealDash bids returned for free.

3.) Your first purchase on DealDash is backed by a 100%, no questions asked, money back guarantee. This makes buying your first item on DealDash even more risk free.

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