71 More Days!

Can you believe there is only 71 more days until Christmas! Where has this year gone, it seems like just yesterday we were moving back to Tennessee. I know it doesn’t feel like 2012 is almost over with. However, I can say I am glad 2012 is drawing to a close. 2012 has so far been a pretty blah year for almost everyone I know.

How many of you have started Christmas shopping?

Not me I do have a few things in mind, but whether I purchase them or not is a different story. I am learning to crochet so family members around these neck of the woods will be getting dishrags. I know how much everyone loves washing dishes HAHA.

Yea I know I dislike them dishes too, but washing dishes isn’t so bad with a nice new crocheted dish rag. My husband likes to use them to wash his face. So I will be doing a nice stockpile for him as well.

Few bucks few hours of fun, and we have use eco-friendly cleaning rags. They work great for dusting and scrubbing.

See I get items that make cleaning easier so I can get my husband to join in on the fun. Our Hoover vacuum cleaner (I won) has a cord that winds itself up, he likes vacuuming, and my carpets, HAH We were lucky enough to review a Hoover carpet cleaner he said it’s the best carpet cleaner he has ever used. He cleans carpet about once a month! Not to mention in the colder months it warms the house up.

So who all is getting ready for Christmas? I still need  a Christmas tree, maybe we will have to walk to the woods and see what we can find this year.

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