Saving at Disney

I’m sure a lot of you know, I have been wanting to take my kids to Disney for a few years now. Well after some discussion with my husband we decided next year IS THE YEAR!!
I am soo excited, and I’ve already started looking into the things we can do while we are there – and of course, how to save money when we are there!
Here are a few tips that I’ve found that can save you while your there:
AVOID souvenir shops in the park, you can get the SAME souvenir’s at outside stores for 1/2 the price

Pack snacks — you can bring food and water inside!! Keep a cooler in the car, so you can ‘trade out’ your empty bottles!

Consider booking a Disney value-priced resort for less than $100 per night. Perks include free transportation and extra park hours. Disney has thousands of such rooms. You save $14 per day on parking and can easily leave for a meal or a nap, then return.

Get a map at the entrance to guide you through your day.

Take advantage of the free FastPass option to avoid time in line.

I’m soo excited!! What’s your favorite money saving tip??

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