Mamavation Monday

Today I am taking on a different approach to my normal Mamavation Monday post.
Last nite my daughter brought me her homework assignment (and yes, we are sometimes that family that puts off homework until the last minute, even though they had allll weekend to finish it) anyway, her assignment was an “ABOUT ME” poster to hang in the hallway at her school.
To my horror, and my daughter’s, there was a “HEIGHT AND WEIGHT” that they had to fill out. For the whole school to see!
Now I can see asking a preschooler for their height and weight, but what does your weight have to do with telling the world about YOU?? Especially for a 3rd grader?
Now my daughter isn’t over weight, whatsoever. But she is solid, and she was NOT thrilled about sharing her weight with the world! She weighed herself 3x until she got a weight she ‘liked’ and then put that down on her paper. How sad! I have always tried to instill in my family (especially my daughter’s) that HEALTHY and HAPPY is what matters, not what you look like and especially not how much you weigh.
If we are already at 8 yrs old are telling our children that their WORTH, that their portral to the world, is based on how we look we are not changing the world for a better place, we are making it worse!
I told my daughter she did not have to fill it out; she could leave it blank and I would write a note to the teacher (which I still may..), and she said No, she HAD to fill it out because she could get in trouble.
I plan to contact the teacher, and go from there. Maybe start a revolution.. I will keep you posted!

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  1. I understand your concern, but I bet the teacher isn’t even thinking of it that way. My guess is she’s just thinking of it as a way to keep a memory of who they were in that grade. Your daughter is lucky to have a great mom like you that stands up for her.

  2. I believe in todays world that this issue with the weight thing is a big problem its sad to see these young girls running around calling themselves fat when there isn’t an inch of fat on them , this really gets mad but even the makers of certain clothing stores promote this problem be making very small cloths . Beauty isn’t only on the outside , beauty is what you carry on the inside and you choose to share with others and I think thats something everyone should value

  3. yeah that is a bit crazy for preschoolers but i guess there trying to get kids healthy at an early age.

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