Going All Natural

Man made medicines can carry so many bad side effects. Some can give you worse symptoms then you had before. I am no fan of taking medications. My husband has a hard time getting me to take anything for my headaches. Right now I am currently taking 3 different medications prescribed to me by my doctor. She wants me back on birth control to make me regular again, but I refuse.

From my own research I know the long term effects these medicines can have on me. I want to try and find an all natural way to cope and deal with my problems. I have been doing some research to see if there is a more natural way to help with my underlining issues. I have come across a great deal of information. By doing a search on naturopath and your area such as Toronto naturopath you to can discover a lot of information that can help you find out how to go all natural.

I found out there are different ways I can help reduce my anxiety, depression and my arthritis. I dislike taking meds with a passion. I often forget, so finding a more natural approach is needed. I would rather do certain things differently then pump my body with man made chemicals.

Have you thought about taking a more natural approach to your health?

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