Gift Ideas for Her

Whether you are looking to get the special lady in your life a birthday gift, Christmas gift, or a just because gift you cannot go wrong with jewelery. Sidney Garber statement necklaces make great gifts for those that you love dearly. Not only are they unique pieces they also go great with any outfit, whether she has a business meeting or a family function to attend.

Often times finding the perfect accessories to go with our different outfits can be a challenge. However, as long as one follows the different trends this task can be simple. Soon the fall trends will be out and you will see more and more people wearing the fall colors, as well as having a different hair styles. During the Summer months I tend to wear my hair shorter, once fall/winter starts to arrive I let my hair grow out. This helps keep me warmer in the cooler months.

What are some fall trends you follow?

Do you match your accessories? Maybe some maple leaf earrings, or a fall like scarf to go with that business suit you have? I usually keep things simple, I wear fall colors while sporting my fall purse. Cannot go wrong there!

Another great gift for those ladies is perfume! There are so many different scents of women’s perfume you cannot go wrong. Just make sure you know what her favorites are, you wouldn’t want to get her something that she might not like all that well. I match my fragrances with my mood and the seasons as well. I love Christmas scents during the winter holiday, and fresh summer scents during the spring/summer months.

One of my favorites that I wear anytime is cool water for women. It has a fresh but wow factor to it, that I just love!

What are some other items you think would make great gifts for her?

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  1. Perfume is always a great way to go

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