Keeping Track of the Kids

Soon all the kids will be back in school and all those extra school activities will be going on such as sports, drama, band, and choir. We as parents need a quick way to get in touch with our children. I know when I was in school, it often took the office a good 15 minutes to locate me if my mom called. That was back when there was no such thing as a cell phone.

Now there are so many different cell phone carriers, and plans it makes it easy for us parents to keep up with our children when they’re not at home, or we are not at home. Coupons by Answers has several great coupon codes to make sending the kids back to school a little less stressful, and a bit cheaper on the wallet.

When it comes to getting your child a cell phone, I would recommend getting a prepaid one, this will assure you that they will not be running up your phone bill, and if their not keeping up with their responsibilities you can always not purchase them minutes. I have heard many great things about Straight Talk, and right now you can find a great Straight Talk Promo Code to help you get started.

We got our daughter her first cell phone when she was 6, this way if I were gone, and she was with her Nanny I still had a way to get in touch with her. I am one of those worrying parents, and need to have a way to contact my child at all times. I call it smart parenting.

Are you thinking about getting a prepaid phone for your children this school year?


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  1. Still not quite ready. Maybe next year.

    • Dizzy Mommy says:

      Cell phones and children are a big deal, not all kids are responsible enough. One little oops can cost a parent a ton of money. My daughter no longer has her cell phone, but if she gets another one it will be prepaid.

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