Anxiety Learned or Imbalance?

When I first went to get help for my anxiety I was told it was all in my head and I needed to learn to deal with it. Some believe anxiety is learned, while others believe it’s an imbalance. Did I learn my anxiety or was I born with it. I can sit here and recall many times when I would have an attack, I can tell you what triggered it and all the symptoms that followed with it.

I have tried many times the learn to deal with it approach. Many times failed. If you have anxiety you would know that there really is no learn to deal with it. While at times I can keep the symptoms down to a minimum I can not completely remove the feelings I have when an attack happens.

Never had anxiety, not sure what an attack is?

Let me explain, picture going down a big roller coaster at an amusement park the rush you get. Try walking around everyday feeling that same way but the rush is a rush of fear. A fear that something will happen that is beyond your control.

Growing up we had a house fire the result my brothers life was taken, this gave me a big fear of fires. My daughter was 10 before she no longer slept in my bed. I am still scared something will happen and I will not be able to get to her. I worry everyday that a fire will break out.

Whether or not anxiety is learned or an imbalance this is still an issue a lot of us face daily. An issue that others look at us as weird or strange.

Living with it for most my life I can tell you, I would rather be normal and not have the fears I have daily. I wish I could learn to deal with it, I wish I didn’t have to sit here with a racing heart just because I cannot get certain things out of my head.


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