Well Child Check-Up

I think it has been about 3 years since my daughter has been to the doctor. Does this make me a bad parent? I just don’t see the need to take her every time she is running a fever, and well she was all up to date on shots and all that good stuff, so her seeing a doctor was really no concern to me.

That and my own mental issues, caused me from picking up the phone and getting her in. Well I knew she was needing to get her well child check up, with her doing public schooling online. I made her an appointment at a doctor I new nothing about, but heard many good things.

I have to say I like her doctor, and she actually explains things to my daughter, instead of talking to me as if my child isn’t there.

Recently, my daughter has been weighing herself almost daily. She is becoming obsessed with the scales, I guess I am to blame since I am over weight, and well I am obsessed with the scales. While we were in the doctors office I brought this up to the doctor, and she punched in all my daughter’s numbers, and it turns out my daughter is on the low end for weight for her height/weight/age.

That made me feel pretty good, and I know it made my daughter feel good as well. I explain to the doctor my daughter thinks she is fat because of her pudgy belly, and the doctor explained to her within the next few years that bottom weight will move to the top half of her, and she has nothing to worry about right now.

She told my daughter if she ever felt as if she was getting bigger, just to have me take her in and get her numbers looked at.

I have to say I was very comfortable with this doctor verses all the others she has been too.

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