School Starts Soon

If you are in the South, I can almost bet that Summer break is almost over. I am going to be honest, and I am not ready for it to be over yet. With my daughter homeschooling, we will be trying a new avenue in our schooling. I am currently working to get her enrolled into Tennessee Virtual Academy. I am excited about this move, I like the idea of her having an actual teacher, and me being her coach.

This will bring a lot of anxiety off me, every year I worry if I am teaching my daughter the things she needs to be learning. Let’s be honest, I know I am teaching her the main things of life, which are how to raise a family, how to budget, and how to succeed in the world. However, the school systems teach a lot more, me personally I think some of the things taught are not needed, and more around family, and everyday life it.

A lot of the reasons we decided to home school our daughter was because of my anxiety, taking her to and from school was becoming to much on me, and the fact she ended up with a  not so nice teacher didn’t help. I am hoping her new teacher will be great and it will allow my communication with her to be easy. We only have 3 more weeks until we get to start up again, yay for 5th grade…

Actually, I am uncertain if they will be making her redo 4th grade again, or if they will allow her to move on, Kindergarten through 3rd grade was done under an umbrella school. Basically, we logged out information on their site, they considered me a teacher at their school, and this kept the state off our back. We went to Michigan last year, and I didn’t have the 70$ needed so we did it all solo. We did go by a curriculum, and I passed on that information, but it is all a waiting game.

We go in to get a school physical in a few days, then I can get that sent, and hopefully they will send our books. How much longer do your kids have on break?

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