Homemade Doggie Treats!

Treats for pets can be pretty expensive, so I have decided to try to make our puppy some homemade treats. Some of his favorite treats are beef bones. I have decided to make him some chicken/salmon bones with a little spinach, broccoli, oat meal, instant milk, and some flour.

While I as making them he was just like a little kid watching me while licking his lips. I have them in the oven right now, so I am not so sure how these will turn out. I hope they harden, if not I know he will still love them, since we have been feeding him the mix in with his food. The reason for this mixture is because it’s high in vitamin k.

Our puppy got into some mouse poison the other night. While we got him to throw it all up within 10 minutes, and it was older stuff and he didn’t get a lot. We have to make sure he gets a lot of vitamin k so his blood doesn’t start to thin out. If this happens we maybe in trouble. He is acting like normal and showing no signs of issues.

While I know he is not out of the woods since he did have the poison in his mouth, I am pretty confident it didn’t get into his system. I have never been so worried in my life. However, he is getting spoiled and getting lots of homemade treats.

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