Freebies Galore!

Recently, I got into hitting up the giveaways and sweepstakes BIG time, I am not hanging with the little dogs no more. I spend a lot of time on the computer not only putting up awesome reviews, and giveaways on The Neat Things in Life, but also searching the web for sweepstakes, and freebies. While doing this I discovered I Crave Freebies!

I have to say I absolutely love her site. Since finding this site, I have signed up for a lot of freebies! I cannot wait until my mailbox is over flowing with free samples.

One way to make ends meet in my home is by me doing what I do online. Although, it is tough every little bit helps. If you are in a tough spot in life, I recommend you looking into entering giveaways, and signing up for some freebies. You can get a lot of free samples, that will help reduce some household costs. May not be a lot but a free hair washing or two can help some.


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