You Would Think I Was The Computer Repair Person

My husband and I know a lot about computers, matter of fact we once was going to open up a computer store in our home town, we had everything all planned out. Then like everything else, it crashed. We are even listed in the yellow pages under Computer Repair Services. Thankfully, we no longer have that number so we don’t get any calls. I remember one time we were sleeping and the phone rang, I answered it, and it was someone wanting to know what we charged for replacing a hard drive.

One thing about being married to a man that is brilliant, is when I cannot figure out what the heck went wrong on my computer I get free IT Support. My husband and I end up butting heads a lot in this area. I like to keep trying to figure it out, while he is getting mad because I am getting mad. Make since? Yea, I didn’t think so. When he takes over to try to fix the problems that are giving me a headache, I get frustrated with him because he is to slow!

Often times this leads to us bickering back and forth, until he either gets it or he gets so mad at me he walks away. Isn’t marriage fun! How many of you fuss with your husbands about Computer Repairs?

I think a lot of my issue is I am very OCD when it comes to certain things, especially my emails, I like to watch them like a hawk. So when my husband has my computer and I get an email I have to wait for him to finish what he is doing. Not fun, so I get aggravated and I start getting a bit of an attitude with him. When I know I shouldn’t because he is only trying to help me, before I send the computer throw the window. Then I would really be crying.

Trust me I have been tempted on a few different occasions to send the computer flying, but I know if I did I would be mighty upset. So I usually always say forget it and go to bed. Then when I wake up my body and mind are refreshed and I can tackle it again.

What are some ways you manage your computer repairs? Do you fix them yourself or take them in?

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