The Ins and Outs About “Diets”

How many of you have at one point in your life turned to a diet to help you lose weight? How many of you that have turned to a diet to lose weight gained all if not more of that weight you lost back? Me, Me, ME! I don’t know how many times I put my body through the ringer on a diet only for it to come right back after I was done.

From my experience most diets are junk, the reason being they don’t teach you how to eat right, or how to maintain your weight. Instead they show you how to starve, and deprive your body of the nutrients it needs. Take the HCG diet for example… on this diet for three days you fill your body will all sorts of fatty, greasy foods, you fill up on all these to the point your going to throw up. After the 3 days, you start to starve your body. You jump from thousands of calories, to 500. You are very limited on what you can eat, you’re also very limited on what you can do. After you are off the diet, you were so deprived of the things you loved before you go right back to your old ways, on comes the weight plus some. Only a handful of people who lose weight this way keep it off… Not to mention the HCG products out there, are not the real deal this is why they’re calling for a ban on HCG products.

Then you have the cabbage soup diet, that lets you eat nothing but cabbage soup, you lose weight on this diet because you’re either crapping most the time, or you’re so sick of this soup you just stop eating, again once you get off this diet you gain all if not most of the weight back because you once again deprived your body of what it needed and/or wanted.

We also got the lemonade diet, the one where you feed your body water and salt in the morning to make you crap, then drink lemonade with maple syrup and cayenne pepper in it all day.

Let me in on a secret no matter what fad diet you fall for this month, chances are in the long term picture you will fail. Not that you plan to fail, but you will fail. The reason being you are depriving your body of not only the things it needs, but also the things it wants. So when you are off the diets you haven’t learned how to eat properly, and you go back to your old ways, and you fill yourself up on junk. Why junk because you weren’t allowed to have it during your diet phase.

Do yourself, and your body a favor. Instead of searching for quick diets, to help you lose pounds fast. Learn the diet you will stick with for life. The diet where you stick to the food pyramid, the diet where you drink the amount of water your body needs daily…

Did you know you should drink at least half your body weight in water daily?

Change your eating habits from processed foods to fruits, veggies, and lean meats. By doing so you will lose the weight you want to, you will continue to lose that weight, you won’t have to starve your body, and you can eat healthy desserts once a week, so you are still enjoying sweets.

Don’t fall for another HCG, Cabbage Soup, or Lemonade diet again.

Do right by your body, and it will do right by you.

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