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I have been really depressed about my weight recently. I guess you can say I hit rock bottom. Although, I am not at my highest weight, I have lost 30 pounds I am still up there. My goal is to drop about 150 pounds. Yup, 150 pounds I will be working on shedding from my body. I know this will not be easy, I know at times I may relapse, however I know deep down I can do this.

I will be blogging as I go on The Neat Things in Life. This will help keep me in check, and will help hold me accountable for things. I will be logging my food intake on the computer, and I will also be taking measurements and weight weekly. I am scared to step on the scale because of fear of the weight being higher then the start weight.

I know after the week is up once I take my measurements I will see a difference!

I am doing small things to see huge results. I am trying to drink 120 pounces of water a day, as well as counting those calories. Every 40 minutes I get up and lift weights and get my body moving. We shall see how this all works out.

What are some ways you keep your weight in check?

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