Combating Fleas and Ticks

Now that Summer is here, the fleas and ticks become a huge problem. If you are a pet owner sometimes chemicals are not a good thing to put on your yard, did you know Apple Cider Vinegar can help you control the fleas and ticks that get on your beloved pet?

The vinegar makes your pet taste to acidic to the pests, and often times they will not get on your pet, this is an all natural way to help combat the pests, now this doesn’t kill the bugs, but will let your pet feel better. One thing I hate the most is fleas, they cause my pup to scratch. So I have started to put 1 tsp of ACV in his water daily, soon the fleas will not like his taste, I also spray him with a 50/50 solution of water/ACV before we go outside.

A happy pup is a happy owner. Also be sure to vacuum your carpets daily, this will also help keep those pesky fleas to bay.

What are some ways you help keep your beloved pet free of those nasty bugs?

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