Weight Loss and The Uphill Battle

Battle Against JunkHow many of you have struggled with your weight? If you have you can understand the title about it being an uphill battle. I tend to go up and down on the scales, and all the bouncing does is discourage me. I have to remember though, just because the numbers on the scale say one thing, that doesn’t mean I am not losing weight.

Losing weight is somewhat like a train ride, it goes in many directions. Which direction it stays going is up to us. We will either continue to lose weight by eating healthier and exercising, or we will steer off the track and hit up those junk foods that keep reeling us in. We have to keep in mind which is strong our need to lose weight, or our want for that junk food.

Often times it is hard to decide, and often we jump off track to grab that junk. However, did you know one piece of cake can be roughly 600 calories! If we look at our food intake as numbers and we keep those numbers to a certain point we can do it! Now I am not saying it will happen over night, because trust me. I have jumped off those train track many times, and said it’s okay I will get back on track tomorrow. However, by that time my weeks worth of hard work has gone down the drain. This is when the scale goes up, and depression sinks in.

Remember, just like a train, if you get off at the wrong spot, you can get back on and keep going. It may take you longer to get to your destination, but if you keep on the right track you will get there.

I am slowly adding simple workouts to my daily routine. I have started counting calories yet again, and drinking more water. Like Thomas said… I think I can, I think I can.

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