Purchasing Comforter sets or Bed in a Bag?

My daughter is finally in her own room! YAY, however, she is lacking a pretty kid friendly bedding set. I have been debating on whether or not to get her a comforter set, or a bed in a bag. I want to get her something that isn’t to kiddy, and not to plain. Something that will stick out and match her personality and be good for awhile. Something that makes her room feel like more than a bedroom.

I don’t want to make a purchase she will not be happy with. I know it is bedding she will be just sleeping on it, however, I disagree. A nice bedding set helps set off a bedroom. Yea, you may only sleep on it, but when it comes to a bedrooms decor a bedding set is much more than just something you sleep on. It helps set the room off, and make it into your own.

I think finding the perfect bedding set for a child’s bedroom is extremely important. I know my daughter spends a lot of time in her room. It is her place to get away from everyone, while listening to music and playing online. So I want her to have something that she will love, since we all know as kids we spend a lot of time in our rooms.

So now the tough question… Bed in a bag or a comforter set?

I know comforter sets come with the basics, comforter, pillow case, and often a sham. Where as bed in a bag can come with other bed products like pillows, sheets, and the products you get in the comforter set. I am thinking bed in a bag, although it is a bit more costly, I am sure I can find a discount coupon, that would make the purchase much sweeter and closer to the regular comforter set price.

Are you like me and do a quick search for  discount coupon code before making your final purchase? After I have my products in my cart, I always double check to make sure I am using the best discount code for my purchase.


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  1. I love bed in a bags! It makes it easier to make sure everything matches. I am so glad i was able to find Jas Bed in a bag because i still haven’t been able to find sheets that match other then BLACK LOL!

  2. Swanky outlet has some great prices you might want to check them out!

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