Helping With Inflammation

I remember when I was younger I was climbing trees and jumping ramps. Most our neighborhood friends were boys, so we had to be tough. I have to say though, now that I am hitting mid thirties I regret the crazy things I did as a child. My body is feeling it now. I often wake up with muscle pain, just from doing small things.

I remember when we moved back here last month, I think I was sore for almost a week. My husband kept saying I was just out of shape, and it was good for me. I agree I am out of shape, however, sometimes it’s hard to do things with all the pain my body is in, and it’s a daily basis not just once in awhile. After I showed him I was covered in bruises he started to feel bad for making me help him load a thousand pound lawn mower into the moving truck. Okay, so it might not be a thousand pounds, but it was HEAVY.

With all the joint, and muscle pain I suffer daily, I have been really thinking about trying Nopalea. After all it is made with the fruit from a Nopal Cactus, and has properties in it that have already been scientifically proven to help reduce inflammation. I would much rather drink a wellness drink rather than take the pills I take daily for my bodies aches and pains.

Wellness Drink

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