Getting A Running Companion

We live in a crazy world, and on a daily basis we hear bad things about women out running and something happens. If you are wanting to lose weight, why not get a companion? I have been thinking about getting my family a dog. I think that might be what we are missing in our lives. A family dog will help keep the family active and more a live.

I have been reading up about different breeds of dogs, and which breed I think would be the best fit for our family. I have found many great sites that have given me a lot of information, about proper care of dogs. I mean I would have never thought to brush a dogs teeth. I mean yea it makes since, but I thought maybe giving them certain treats would do the trick NOPE.

I also know you’re not supposed to give a dog certain foods.

Owning pets can be a lot of work, often times more work then having a child. However, the idea of having a companion and running buddy makes all that work worth it! When we know we are ready to properly take care of a dog, we will be searching the local animal shelters first. I hate the fact of knowing thousands of animals are put down daily because of irresponsible owners.

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