Fighting Games and Their Accessories

My nephew is huge into the Xbox. One of his favorite games is Call of Duty. So when it comes birthdays or holidays I do my best to get him the accessories he needs. I mean whether it is a game or something for a game. When he came to me and asked if I could get him a throat microphone¬† for Christmas I was a bit confused. At first I was thinking he was talking about the thing my Uncle Al used because he couldn’t talk because of the whole in his throat. So he used this microphone.

I was wonder why he was wanting a microphone for call of duty. Then after he explain to me what it was, I better understood. However, it can be a bit hard to understand when a 13 year old explains things so I took it upon myself to look up exactly what he was wanting.  I still am having a hard time understanding why he is wanting one, since he does have a wireless headset already.

Then again, I do have a child myself so I know how kids can be. They need ALL the accessories for their systems whether they use them or not.

What sort of accessories have your children asked you to get for their gaming systems?

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