Fancy Mailboxes Around The Neighborhood

How many of you have drove around the neighborhood just to check out the fancy designer mailboxes? On my trip to the store I pass several, a few include ones that look like fish, trucks, and even one that looks like a crane. Some of my favorite are those ones in cased in bricks. With school being out it means we will be once again replacing our mailbox. The kids around here think it’s funny to go around with a bat and doing drive by smashes on the mailboxes.

Since living here we have had to replace our mailbox atleast six times. I am about to get a infrared video camera installed, so I can report them. I don’t think those kids realize how annoying and expensive it is to keep having to replace them.

I am going to get smarter then them, and have my husband install one of my favorite fancy ones… Then when they hit it with a bat, they to will feel the pain. The guy down the road put metal bars around his. How many of you have had your mailbox smashed in? How often does it happen?

Here it seems like every Summer at least three times, if these kids have nothing better to do with their time, I am sure the local food bank or animal shelter could use the help. Kids seem to have no respect these days for other peoples property.

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