Depression and What Causes It

Often times it’s hard to pin point what causes depression. However, everyone lives with some sort of depression. Often times people try to deal with their depression on their own, they often feel if they tell someone how they feel, they will be labeled. For many years I hid my depression from everyone. I was so good at it, I had myself thinking I was fine.

One day I went to the doctor, I was good at pretending. However, the doctor made me break, and I broke down. She new right then I was going through a lot more than what I was letting on. She even told me I was pretty good at hiding it. Did you know when you hide your feelings, it will only eat at you more, and lead to something that cannot be undone?

Am I fixed? No I will never be fixed, I will always have that depression there. The depression stems way back to my childhood. However, I am learning to “deal” with it better. I am on medicine for the issue, I cannot say they help completely, but it does help some. I also won’t lie there are days, I sit here and wish I was in another place… a place other than Earth. Crazy? No, it is what goes through a persons mind who suffer depression.

Would I ever act on those thoughts? No, why because my daughter means the world to me, an I know if I did something like that, it would kill her… I am not that selfish. However, some people are not as strong, and some people feel the only way out and not to feel depressed is by death. Thus, the reason we have such a high suicide rate.

If you have noticed a change in family or friends, talk to them… Get to the bottom line, find out what is bother them. Don’t just shrug it off. Often times all a person who is depressed and feeling worthless want is someone to talk to, someone to listen.

If you are the one suffering depression get help, get to the bottom of why you feel the way you do. It isn’t the end and you to can learn to deal with the demons you battle.

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