Amber Alert Canceled.

The Amber Alert for the two Bain girls has ended. They were found yesterday, and the abductor took his own life. Adam Mayes was a very selfish person, now these two girls will no longer have their mom or their older sister. It is unclear at this time the main reason, Adam Mayes’s wife claims he thought the two younger girls were his.

We can only assume the reason this all took place was because the family was moving to Arizona, and Adam Mayes didn’t want the mom to take the girls. It is not clear as of right now if Adam was indeed the girls real dad or not.

However, Adam is now dead and will never stand trial for the dead of the mom and older sister, or the kidnapping of them all. His wife and mother though are not so lucky. His wife is facing 4 counts of kidnapping, as well as murder charges. I don’t think she was involved in the murder however she was there when the murders took place.

These girls will have a long recover road a head of them.

Please keep them in your prayers, they are going to need as many prayers as possible.

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