Spreading Out

This guest post from Lewis Beck

Business in the first quarter has been growing rapidly and we are quickly outgrowing our office space, i.e., my living room. To keep up with demand I have begun looking at leasing an office. It’s tough to find something that meets my needs now but fits with my ideas for expansion over the next few years. I don’t want to spend more money than I have to now but I also would prefer not to move again in the next couple of years. Moving from working from home to having an actual office is a big deal. Not only do you have rent to pay but you aso have to pay for your utilities including small business xo. As long as I’ve been working from the house I have been able to use my “existing” facilities and utilities. I sat down with an accountant and looked at the numbers closely to make sure it was affordable. It definitely is and should become even more so when we are able to increase our productivity due to having more space!

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