Planning A Vacation

With Summer fast approaching, who all is planning their vacations? Did you know when you plan and purchase your vacation ahead of time, you end up saving money, and who doesn’t love saving money. The more money you save the more vacations you can plan, and the more memories you will build with your family.

Family time is a great way to reduce stress and bring your family closer together. My daughter is wanting to go to Disneyland. and with all the stress and drama my family went through over the past 10 months, I think we deserve a little vacation. Once we get our money situated, I will be looking to purchase disneyland tickets. Of course, I will purchase about 6 months in advance, and we will see about going during the non busy season.

I have also discovered if you go on vacation to popular places during their off seasons, you can usually get really good deals on tickets, as well as hotel stays. Vacations are not supposed to break you, but help you relief stress, and spend some memorable times with your family. My dream vacation would not only include my husband and daughter, but also my sister and her babies!

What are some ways you save money when planing vacations? We usually keep our vacations super simple. When I say simple, I mean a campground with a tent and cooler of simple foods.


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