Oven Is Fixed!

Right before we got back to TN we were informed our oven was no longer working. I was not at all happy, I use the oven a lot and it made me more mad because they didn’t bother to tell us. I am assuming it went out months ago. They told us what had happened and after looking online I noticed the part I was going to need was the bake element.

This part can be pretty pricey if you don’t know where to shop. Thank goodness for ebay. They have saved the day, and always seem to come to the rescue. I found the part I needed for 8.95 + 8.95 for shipping. Not to bad considering several places wanted over $45. I ordered the part on the 19th, and wasn’t expecting it until Monday or Tuesday. Well it came today!

So I went and got some oven cleaner, and scrubbed the oven! Put the part in and toda, my oven works!

I am so excited because I use the oven a lot, and I would be lost with out it. How many of you depend on your oven? Would you know what to do if it stopped working on you? I was ready to go purchase a new one even though I don’t have the money. Thankfully it was a little under 18$ and it works like a charm now.

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