Heading Back South

My family will be heading back South soon, and I have to admit I am pretty excited. Well, I am and I am not. I am because it is our home, and I can run around in a tshirt and panties, and not have to worry about nothing. Plus, living with others can be stressful. Things didn’t go as they were supposed to up here, and to be honest, I shouldn’t be surprised. My eyes were blinded and I thought people could change. However, some people will never change, and I have now learned that. I have learned the people not in my life are not in my life for a reason, and sometimes you should just leave them in the past.

A lot of good did come out of being here though, and for that I am thankful. I am thankful my mom is back in my life, and I am thankful I have had the time to spend with my sister and her awesome babies. I am sad because I will miss them all, but thank goodness for the cell phone, and the internet right?

I am not looking forward to the long drive back home, we decided my husband will drive the car, and I will drive the truck half way then we will switch. This way is cheaper and I think would be easier… I don’t want to listen to the hubs fuss all the way home, so being in different vehicles is a good idea LOL.

I am so ready to get my life back to normal! I am going to try my best to be more active over here, with so much going on in my life, it often becomes over whelming. With homeschooling, and stressing about money and everything else, I somewhat went through a depression. Thankfully I got me some good meds to help me get through the days. I am confident that in time I will be 100% happy with how everything played out.

They say all things happen for a reason.

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