Where Is Spring?

So I thought spring was just around the corner, when all of a sudden we started getting snow, and ice! I was hoping to come back to Michigan and show my daughter what a real winter looked like. Haha Winter had a different idea, because Michigan had a very odd winter, hardly no snow, and really cold temps.

I don’t mind cold temps as long as there is some snow too. I went and bought my daughter some snow pants, and she didn’t even need them. She has wore them a few times. Thankfully they will still fit her next year so when we get some snow down South she will be warm!

Hopefully this time next month we will be on our way back South. I am going to miss all my family up here in Michigan, but I am ready for my life to somewhat go back to normal. I have to figure out what to do next with my life. Things have been to nuts, and I cannot even go into details on my sites, that is how crazy life has been.

This whole moving thing was both good and bad, bad because it has cost me a lot of money that I really didn’t have, but good because I got 8 months with my family, and my mom and I are talking again. PLUS, I was able to get my baby brother a headstone, which is totally awesome!

Once we get back to Tennessee, things on both my sites will pick back up, right now I am just blah and I am sure I will be when we get back South, but I will be blah in my own home.

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